8 Reasons to Create Your Own WordPress Blog Today

If you run a web-based business, or if you are in the “thinking” stages of establishing a stand-alone blog for the purpose of gaining followers, advertisers, and raking in some good profit, then you cannot afford to do this without WordPress, the best blogging tool and content management system (CMS) you can find. Here are 8 reasons why you want to use this great product!

  1. It’s free – how about that for starters? And it is open source, which means that a lot of very smart people are contributing features and plug-ins for you to use.
  2. Themes – As a template for blog posts, you are able to establish a particular “look” for your blog and change it out whenever you want without losing any content. There are literally thousands of themes from which to choose – some are free; some are paid. And, once you gain some expertise, you can actually create your own theme.
  3. Plug-Ins – There are over 30,000 plug-ins and counting. If you are a beginner, you will certainly want to use the SEO feature, and, if you have clients, you can provide them their own user and password-protected portals. Widgets and navigation bars can be customized through these plug-ins as well. Just the SEO feature alone will be hugely valuable. It actually prompts you to add tags, to write a good meta-description, and calculates how often your main keyword/phrase is used within the text of your post. You will get a yellow prompt if SEO is not great, and suggestions for tuning that yellow to a green, which means that you are “good to go.”
  4. Mobile Compatibility – While these features are still a bit limited, you can use your mobile device to add posts and pages, to make comments, and to respond to the comments of others. Look for mobile device features to be continually extended!
  5. Link Your Posts – Do you have or want a social media presence? You can link your posts to your social media accounts easily, bringing more visitors to your site, and more visitors means more profit!
  6. “Word” Features – you will be immediately familiar with all of the features for creating your post text – there are spell and grammar checks, the ability to change fonts, to use bold, underline, and italics features, much like you have on your Word program.
  7. Media – The process for adding media to your posts is super easy, and you can put that media anywhere within the post you want. As you gain more expertise, you can add more than just images – how about videos? 
  8. Support and Tutorials: You are not alone in your quest to learn about WordPress and all that it can do for you. Free tutorials are available at WordPress.org! You can be as basic or as sophisticated as you want to be.

You may be a really busy entrepreneur who does not have the time to set up your WordPress blogging tool and participate in the free tutorials. That is fine. There are a huge number of individuals and companies that will do this for you for a reasonable price. You cannot go wrong with WordPress – 30 million users and counting! 


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