What is Local SEO and Why it is Crucial For Your Business

The internet has brought the world on the tip of a finger by providing information of every part of the world at just a click away. Due to this million of people are turning on to the internet to find anything they want. This feature of the internet has proved beneficial for people who want to promote their business online.

Local SEO is the practice of increasing the search engine visibility of any business that serves their customers face to face.These businesses can be anything like a dentist shop, a grocery store, car or bike workshop, a restaurant etc.

Local optimization cannot be ignored and especially after the awakening of Google “Pigeon” which has become more determinant to bring in more enterprise companies. This trend will not flatter as searching is more likely to be more personalized in location based SERPs. 

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider doing Local SEO for your business:-

Personalized SERP: Google has been well established for increasingly serving personalized search results based on numerous factors, including location. So it is preferable to optimize your website locally rather than optimizing individually at a national level so that it stands a less chance to miss any SERPs of local companies.

Snack Pack result listings: After the introduction of Snack Pack listing, Google has brought in a struggle for visibility especially for SERP in real estate for business listing. Google has reduced the display results from 7 to 3 which have brought more competition to get visible in the list.

So it has become vital to get yourself in local listings in order to get space in top 3 results. Putting more information on your website can help increase the click-through rates for your site and it can get featured in the top 3 results. Extra features like pictures, recent views and opening time can affect likely in how much time a user notices your business.

On-site Listing: It’s a must that you link your site to each location that your business is operating. This will set a base through which you can build authority for your local listing. A page should consist of as much as information  

You can provide for each location in which you operate, but the most important factor has to be NAP that is the name, address, and phone number. This separate page will be the target of any links that you earn from external sites and developing the authority of the pages.

Having a consistency in NAP citation can be a bit crucial, so you have to make sure that you avoid variation in the business name or using both international and local area codes. If one or more person is involved in listings then it would probably be better to have an internal process to keep your NAP citation standardized.

You can build local links to localized pages in order to earn links, particularly from local sites. For an instance, you can get involved in some local events and simultaneously create a story about your support for this event.  You can use this story as a press release in the local media aiming to achieve a link to local pages and if you succeed then you can have effectively built authority through local links.

External Listings: In on-site listing, it is very important to take advantage of all the available external opportunities. It has to be a priority for you if your company’s local branches are not listed in Google+ because Google gives priority to those who are listed in Google’s own products.

One should make sure that their NAP citation is listed in corresponding local pages. This can help you find other directories and follow up the same process. So linking can earn extra benefits if approached qualitatively rather than having a large number of discounted clients.

Mobile: Personalized searches appear regularly in SERPs served in mobile users, as search requests include data location. As since mobile users are more comparatively desktop users so failing to appear in local searches can create a loss in customer base. Even a smaller term searched brings in a particular brand, nation and obviously 3 local businesses based on location. Screen space is also a prior factor so one should be to appear in the top three listings.

The above-mentioned solution includes a long process to fully optimize your search, but there are quicker steps which will help you optimize fully for these devices. Implementing the click to call tags in your phone number listing is very important as it makes sure that your geo-locating data is correct and up to date.

Reputation: Receiving reviews from your costumers can give much more value to your brand than a simple boost to your confidence. Google and users both will be pleased to see reviews on your site and this can result in giving more authority to your brand.

You can see that users are more likely to browse through your site and stick with you if they can get a feeling of trusting your brand. So it would be better to keep your review procedure as simple as possible which can encourage the viewers to complete it.

Reviews are a great help in rising up your rank, but with marketing techniques, transparency and honesty is also a must. But sometimes people try to game the system by adding fake reviews which can be easily detected by Google and this can drop their rankings.

Assembling Trifecta: On a local level the more your company is visible the more it’s likely that a customer will find your site and choose its services. On the top, a local presence will always compliment your efforts to be on the first page.

With ordered Ads and strong national optimization your site can gain a larger presence on the first page of search query result – achieving the highest point in a brand trifecta, ad results, national results, and local results.

In the next posts, we will also cover some tips that you should use to get benefit for your business from local SEO.


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